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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Are you paying too much for group health insurance? You MUST contact TMA today. An exclusive, TMA member-only plan for 2-99 employees is now available!

We are pleased to announce a new health insurance option – the level-funded health benefit program. As costs continue to burden businesses and consume their budgets, this is a unique solution for your practice offering sometimes up to a 35% savings versus your current health spend.

A level-funded health-benefit program helps you gain control of your healthcare expenses while providing quality benefits to your employees. By combining the cost savings of level-funding with the stability of more traditional plans, the program gives you the simplicity and savings you’re looking for without the hassle of administering the program yourself.

TMA Small Group Health Program
  • Cost Savings – When your claims are lower than expected, a portion of the difference between your practice’s anticipated and actual claims is credited back to you.
  • Predictable Monthly Payments
  • Complete Plan Administration and Support Flexible Options
To Obtain a Quote:
  1. Complete the Group Health Proposal Request Form and email to or fax to 866.791.2806.
  2. A TMA Insurance representative will call you to help with additional information to provide a firm quote.
  3. Your group health quote will be sent to you so you can SAVE MONEY!

To Enroll:
Each employee needs to complete the Employee Enrollment Form. Completed forms should be emailed to or faxed to 866.791.2806.

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